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What a Ride It Has Been!

After a year and a half of postings on the value of openness, the time has come for me to move on to my next project in life. What started as an examination of the balance between privacy and security after 9/11 became a book and then a blog on a third approach to maintaining security and civil liberties in an open society - more openness.

Not in my wildest imagination did I think that I'd be blogging over a 1000 posts and finding a loyal audience, which although may not have always agreed with my opinions, became faithful visitors to the site (I know many of you were suckers for the cartoons as well). Increasing traffic over the last several months showed me just how importantly people take issues that once were resigned to stuffy academic publications and passed around small circles of like-minded individuals.

It has been one heck of ride debating those on the security (a few) and privacy side (the majority) of the issue. Those with differing views have been worthy debate opponents and I hope I have held up my end of the discussion by sticking my neck out when few were willing. We don't need a psychologist to tell us we all tend to think we are on the winning side of a debate, but I'll be a sucker and fall for the thought that those who believe in more openness, especially in government but also in society are on the correct side and that time will bear this out. We see the movement toward greater openness in all aspects of our lives, empowered especially by technology and while there are a few hiccups along the way when voices cry out for more privacy, the trend is certainly not in that direction as David Brin prophetically pointed out years ago. Whether the utopia of the global village that those like myself look forward to will be reached will continue to be debated and is a matter for history to judge.

I'd like to say thank you to all who participated with me in this debate and to all the great people I've met and exchanged emails with over the last couple of years. And for those of you privacy advocates who will be happy to see my squeaky wheel finally oiled and quieted from the scene, don't open the champagne just yet. Those who support a more open society have planted enough seeds since 9/11 that this perspective isn't going away anytime soon (including these archives) ;-)

Well I must bid you adieu for a break and a lengthy trip around the world across all the great continents to broaden my perspective on life. Then it is off to my next project. I hope to see there.



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